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Choose your hosting package at our website
- For International’s customer – Go to http://www.shinjiru.com
- For Local’s customer – Go to http://www.shinjiru.com.my

Figure 1.0 : Shinjiru’s website
In our website, as shown in Figure 1.0 above, to choose your prefer hosting package, click on “Web Hosting”. It will show all hosting packages which offer by us as follow :
i. Linux and Windows Shared Hosting
ii. Email Hosting (Dynamail)
iii. Windows Sharepoint Hosting
iv. Virtual Private Server
v. Semi-dedicated Server
vi. Dedicated Server
vii. Server’s Colocation
viii. Virtual Private Network
- Ordering can be made via Online by clicking on “Order Online”.
Request for Hosting and Domain’s Control panel’s Login
- Please provide your current hosting control panel and domain control panel login information and send it over to us to perform the migration from your current hosting account.
- If you do not have these information, please request it from your current hosting and domain provider.
- Examples of Hosting’s Control Panel such as Cpanel (as shown in Figure 1.1), HELM, Plesk, etc.
- Examples of Domain’s provider such as DIRECTI INTERNET SOLUTIONS (as shown in Figure 1.2), WEBNIC.CC. etc.

Figure 1.1 : Example of Hosting’s Control Panel – Cpanel

Figure 1.2 : Example of Domain’s Control Panel – Login
If you wish to transfer your domain name
i. Ensure that the registered information such as name and email address in your domain is accurate
- You may use external public domain lookup services e.g http://who.is to check the domain’s details.
- If you don’t have, please contact your current hosting provider to give you the full administrative right of this domain.
ii. Get the Transfer Domain Code or sometimes referred as “EPP” – Extensible Provisioning Protocol from your current hosting provider.
- EPP Code is a secret code to be given to a new hosting as a “key” or authorization to do domain transfer.
- Ensure that you have 14 days grace period before the domain’s expired due date, as this domain transfer domain may take between 5 to 7 days to complete. Transfer domain within days of expiry will complicate the entire process, and in worst case scenario, you may lose your domain name.
- If you face this problem, you are strongly recommended to renew Domain Name and NOT your hosting with another year with your current provider.
- Rest assured that domain transfer will not cause any downtime to your website.
iii. Please send all the information required information to our Sales Department at sales@shinjiru.com
Information required
- Domain’s control panel login
- Your registered email address as shown under administrative contact for your domain.
- Transfer Domain Code or EPP
WebHosting data’s backup
i. Please backup your data and database if any. You may either request from your current hosting to perform a full backup or you may do backup yourself by using FTP program such as CoreFTP or others, which you may downloaded from Internet.
Upload webhosting data
i. Once you have received your Activation Email from us, upload all your webfiles and database if any, by using FTP application or web development program such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage.
ii. If you need further assistance, please contact support by submitting a ticket via our 247LiveSupport Ticketing System [http://247livesupport.biz].
iii. Once webfiles and database is uploaded, you may check the website availability by typing http://www.<YourDomainName> in your internet’s browser.
a. For Control Panel users, you may use the site preview function. (may vary from different types of control panel).
b. Please take note that customs scripts usually required editing after your webfiles and database is uploaded into the server. Please contact your programmer or web designer to check for this.
Re-creating the MailBoxes
- During changes of your Domain DNS, all emails will be redirected to your new hosting and not your old hosting. If the same email addresses are not created, all emails sent will be bounced back to the sender/s.
- Besides that, you should setup all previous used Auto-responders or Email Forwarders.
Update your DNS records
i. Once the above steps are done, you should now update your domain DNS records.
- Full DNS information of your new hosting is available in your Web Activation Email that is sent to your registered email address.
ii. Next proceed with updating both Primary and Secondary Name Server as shown in the Activation Email.
iii. Once DNS records are updated, you are recommended to check your old webhosting email for at least next 1-3 days (During DNS propagation)
iv. Do note that if the migration is done correctly, downtime can be totally eliminated. Please contact the support for assistance to migrate your hosting account to us with no downtime. Please lodge a ticket in : http://247livesupport.biz.
- You may check the old webhosting email by using the previous webhost account via the IP address. If you are not sure, please contact your previous hosting provider for the IP address.
Please do not hesitate to contact us via our 247LiveSupport Ticketing System if you have any queries or further clarification.
- For technical enquiries – Please send ticket to respective hosting Department
- Please send ticket to Billing Department.
- For domain enquiries – Please send ticket to Domain Name Support Department.