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WHM/cPanel Hosting Transfer Instructions
Posted by on 03 January 2012 09:55 PM

WHM/cPanel Hosting Transfer Instructions

1. Log into WHM of your new server and create a new account called
"restore", or anything you like for that matter. Remember the FTP address,
username ('restore', in this example), and account password. We will need
these for later.

2. Log into the cPanel account you want to transfer on the old

3. Click on "Backup >> Generate/Download a Full Backup".

4. Once there, select the backup destination to be "Remote FTP Server".

5. Enter your email address for verification, followed by all of the FTP
account information for "restore", which we created on the new server.

-Remote Server: new server's address
-Remote User: restore
-Remote Password: restore's password
-Port: 21

Then, click on "Generate Backup". It may take some time to backup the files, depending on how large the account is. You should receive a notification to the email provided in the above info box once it is complete.

6. Now, log into SSH on your new server.

7. Type in the following commands:

cd /home/restore/public_html

After running the list command above (ls), you should see the tar file of the account on the old server. This means that you have successfully sent the file via FTP to your new server.

8. Now move the tar file to your new server's /home directory with the following command:

mv tar_file_name /home

9. Now, log into WHM on your new server and navigate to "Backup >> Restore a Full Backup/cpmove file"
Once here, you should see the old account's username under "Possible cpmove archives found:".
If you do not find it, log back into SSH and make sure that the account's tar file has been moved into /home.

10. Type in the account name in the text field in WHM, which is proceeded by
"Enter the username for the account you wish to restore:".

11. Click "Restore".

12. Repeat the process for additional accounts.

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