ANNOUNCEMENT: Launching New 24/7 Ticketing System [Special Announcement]
Posted by on 27 February 2012 10:53 AM

Dear Customers,

We would like to make another announcement about the new ticketing system which we have implemented 2 weeks ago as we received quite a number of question from our customers on the availability of old tickets as well as the ticketing system login. We will make things clear through this announcement.

First of all, we would like to confirm that we will not be importing old tickets into our new system due to the large and outdated database which we have accumulated over the 11 years of our business. The database is simply too big and troublesome to be migrated over and it might slow down the current system. Therefore, we have decided to start all over again with a new robust ticketing system.

Moreover, there are quite a number of customers who are no longer with us in the old ticketing system. We will receive numerous complaints that we are spamming their mailbox whenever we try to mailblast to all of our customers.
We understand that the previous tickets would be a concern for all of our customer in reviewing our service quality as well as to follow up on some history incidents for the technical issues. Therefore, we will still be able to check on the old tickets upon customer request as we still keep the old database with us.

However, the tickets are not viewable from customer side as it might become confusing for the customers to have multiple ticketing systems.
For your information, some of you might have difficulties logging into the new ticketing system. All you need to do is just create a new account and verify the account via the registered email and you will be able to access our new upgraded system. It’s that simple.

Finally, we sincerely hope the new system will create a smoother workflow for all the parties involved.

Thank you.


Best regards, Support Team

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