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R1Soft Server Backup Manager
Posted by on 10 August 2012 02:14 PM
Updated on:  2nd July 2015
For Dedicated Server with Server Backup subscription
User may refer this Guide for details on R1Soft's Data Protection Policy & others settings.
For Shared Hosting users
Please follow the step-by step-guide below to use R1Soft Backup Software Tool into the Shared Hosting cPanel Control Panel:
1)  Login WHM > Files > Login R1soft (Same username and password as WHM).

2)  Browse – Click to restore files

3)  Download – Click to download the backup files.
4)  Sent To Agent – Click to create own backup file.
For File Restoration:
User may refer to this GUIDE.

For Video Guide on R1Soft Backup Tool, user may refer to this YouTube tutorial.

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