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Product Update: POA (Parallels Operations Automation) version 5.4 - Show Password function Removed
Posted by on 12 January 2013 02:42 PM
Posted in's News Post on 27 December 2012 02:29 PM


ATTENTION: All POA (Parallels Operations Automation) Hosting  administrators/users/owners.

Dear valued customers,

We have received an alert from our Parallels partner that their POA's Show Password function has been removed.

'Show Password' button functionality has been dropped in POA 5.4 in order to increase the security measures and compliance.
This function was available in POA 5.3 Top > System Director > Configuration Manager > System Properties, as a 'Show password style' parameter, which affected all user accounts globally. It has been removed in POA 5.4 due to a number of security related complaints. At the moment there is no way to show user password in plain text.

A feature request POA-63148 was added to implement this functionality on per-account basis.
If you have any further queries on this matter, feel free contact us by submitting a support ticket at

Thank you.

Best regards, Support Team


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