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HOW TO: Prevent IP from getting Blacklisted. (IP Blacklist)
Posted by on 01 October 2013 05:35 PM


To prevent your IP from being blacklisted by an anti-spam organization, please follow these steps:

Prevention Steps:

  1. Make sure all the IPs are set with proper PTR records.
  2. Configure the proper value for spam filters.
  3. Make sure all the local computers which use mailboxes are secured with a well-known Internet Security Anti-virus application & Microsoft Security Essentials (for Windows platform).
  4. Make sure all the login details for WebMail & Hosting are secured - use complicated and strong passwords.
  5. Make sure the web scripts are secured with a proper permission level and a proper code. e.g. unwanted code/scripts/pages - should be removed. As well as web's CMS e.g. WordPress & Joomla are up-to-date.

Monitoring Steps:

  1. From time to time, check if your IPs are blacklisted here.
  2. Check the Mail Queue from time to time to see any possible spamming activity or compromised user mailbox.
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