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[INFO] View Website without IP Pointing
Posted by on 22 September 2014 06:11 PM
Kindly follow the below guide to view your website without your domain being pointed to the server:
   1) Locate the HOSTS file on your computer. Typically it is in one of the following locations:
   2) Open this file with a text editor such as Notepad or Wordpad.
   3) Right-click on Notepad and select the option to Run as Administrator - otherwise you may not be able to open this file.
                                  For further Guidance, you may refer HERE.
   4) Open the Hosts file, you will see two columns of information, the first containing IP addresses and the second containing host names.
       Kindly add the following record ( so it would look like:
            Note: Replace with your website IP address
                         Replace with your domain name
    5) Save changes.
    6) Restart any currently open browsers and flush your DNS by going to Start, and then Run, then type "cmd" and hit enter.
        Type the following:
                                $ ipconfig /flushdns
                                   For detailed Guide on FlushDNS, refer HERE.
    7) After this you would be able to browse your domain via browser and view the contents.
    8) Once you are done, please open the file and remove the added record (
              Note: Replace with your website IP address
                            Replace with your domain name

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