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Security Alert : Remotely Shell (Bash) Vulnerablity on Linux, Unix and Apple Max OS X [INFO]
Posted by on 20 October 2014 11:15 AM
Posted in our 247LiveSupport News Post on 29th Sept 2014
ATTENTION:  Hosting owners running on System Platform:  Linux, Unix & MaxOS X
Dear valued customers,
Our Security team has detected a massive vulnerability on bash shell files for Linux, Unix and Apple System.
This vulnerability is classified by industry standards as “High” on impact with CVSS Impact Subscore 10 and “Low” on complexity, which means it takes little skill to perform. This flaw allows attackers to provide specially crafted environment variables containing arbitrary commands that can be executed on vulnerable systems. It is especially dangerous because of the prevalent use of the Bash shell and its ability to be called by an application in numerous ways.
Immediately patching on your system bash software package to the latest version.
US-CERT recommends system administrators to review the vendor patches and the NIST Vulnerability Summary for CVE-2014-7169, to mitigate damage caused by the exploit.
For further guide, you may refer to following link:
If you need further guide or assistance, feel free do get back to us.
Thank you.
Haruto C.
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Posted on 30th Sept 2014 ; 5.20pm (GMT +800)
We received an update from our security team that most Mac OS X users are not affected by this ShellShock malware issue.
However, Mac users can still do necessary updates to prevent the issue.
More information, you may refer HERE.
If you have any further concerns or queries, do get back to us.
Thank you.
Haruto C.

Customer Care Help Desk

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