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New Domain Name Email Blocked by Google Mail / Gmail
Posted by on 28 November 2014 05:21 PM
We received a feedback from a user that one of their new domain names was blocked by Google Mail (Gmail).
They are unaware why this happened. Below you can see some guidelines on how to NOT let Google Mail block your email in their mail system.
Please note that, Gmail's spam filtering works through reputation associated with the IP address of the sending mail server. Probable reasons among others, may include:
  • Gmail receiving lots of spam from that IP address.
  • Lots of Gmail users use the "report spam" on mail from that IP address.
  • Your mail server was compromised in some way earlier and was being used to send spam.
  • Your server got a new IP address that has previously been used to send spam. 
To start off, review the Bulk Senders Guidelines and ensure you are complying with all suggestions and recommendations.
Suggestions on improving Mail Delivery to Google Mail System
1)  Make sure authentication is passed using SPF & DKIM.
2)  Check the Google bulk Sender's Guidelines.
3)  Make sure the email does not contain any suspicious-looking or spam text, or sent mails cc/bcc'd to large numbers of recipients ("bulk mail") to send out newsletters, invitations, etc. Since spam is sent to many recipients, the spam filter is slightly more likely to confuse bulk mail with spam.
If you have done the above & need our team's assistance to request IP delisting, please contact us by submitting a new support ticket HERE.
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