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SECURITY TIPS: Shared Hosting / Shared Server Environment
Posted by on 27 October 2011 09:54 AM

Basic Security Tips

(1) Always use the latest versions of software
Avoid using older versions of software as they are insecure. Use the latest release which includes new security fixes and functionalities.

(2) Be careful of 3rd Party Scripts and Codes
Plugins, widgets or any other code you usually install on WordPress or Joomla are written by other people under unknown circumstances. Some may be great, some may have security holes. Make sure you research any code you wish to use that you haven't written yourself. Do a few Google searches before using any code to verify how secure it actually is.

(3) Secure Your Own Computers
One of the biggest reasons of Identity theft and an easy way for someone to fetch your confidential details is lack of security on your computer.  It could be anything, from an infected PowerPoint file or someone phishing your account details, the vulnerabilities are too many to consider. No matter how secure your actual website is, if the machine you use to access, log in and edit your web pages is infected you may face a grave risk of being compromised.

Use anti-virus scans, clear logs, secure your passwords and be aware of general security issues. Public WIFI spots are also a security risk.

(4) Use Secure Passwords
A secure password goes a long way in making it difficult for a potential infiltrator to infiltrate your data. Your passwords should always be a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. The longer the password, the better. You can also generate a random password which is even more secure.

(5) Check Your Logs Regularly
If you spot any unusual traffic spike in your website stats try working out where it is coming from and going to. From there if you can make sure whether it is a hack.

(6) Regular Backups
Making backups regularly alone won't protect your website from being hacked. In case of a hack you will need to take care of the following:-
* Records of IP's accessing your website
* Pre-hack backup of your website including the latest updates.

With Shinjiru backup plans you can make backups for your website daily, weekly as often as you think is necessary.

(7) Host on a Virtual Private Server
Host your websites on a VPS server that immediately isolates you from the shared hosting environment. This prevents you from being affected by the issues that other users encounter in a shared server.

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