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Transfer Authorization Code and EPP Code
Posted by on 14 January 2016 06:07 PM
What is the Transfer Authorization Code?
An Authorization Code (a.k.a. Auth Code or EPP Key) is required when transferring domains from one registrar to another. The transfer Authorization Code is created when the domain is first registered and can be obtained from your current Domain Name's Registrar.
If you would like to Transfer your Domain Name to us, kindly refer to following CheckList:
  1.  Please unlock the domain name.
  2. Please confirm that you are able to access to domain administrative email address.
  3. If it is NOT, users are advised to change the admin contact email to an active Email Address. The domain transfer approval email will be sent to the new admin contact and user is required to respond to an activation email.
  4. Please provide us the domain EPP Code for the domain name you wish to transfer to us. User can only obtain it from the current Domain Name's Registrar.
What is EPP Code?
EPP Code (a.k.a Transfer Secret or Authentication Code) is similar to a password and is used for authorizing domain name transfer to another Registrar.
Kindly provide us this EPP Code in order for us to transfer your domain name to us.

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