Posted by on 25 January 2017 10:53 PM

ATTENTION:  All customer's hosting using CMS: Joomla

As updated on 1st January 2017

Dear valued customers;
Our security team was informed of a latest release of Joomla version --> 3.6.5
You may download the latest Joomla application version from here or update it via the hosting control panel.
** REMINDER:  Backup before update. For ver 3.5 & above, upgrade can be done via Joomla Update Components only.
** NOTE:  Joomla 2.5 - will EOL (End Of Life) on Dec 2014 - Check here for details.
Our admin strongly advises all the Joomla users do update their Joomla to this latest version. Our security team has received a number of reports about outdated Joomla websites being compromised and used for sending DDoS attacks. Some users had their websites defaced or hacked as well as used for sending spamming in our network. We need everyone's cooperation to keep our network safe and protected!

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