HOW TO: Generate/Download a Full Backup in cPanel
Posted by on 06 September 2017 01:12 PM
In order to generate a full backup in cPanel please do the following:

1) Log in to cPanel https://ip:2083 --> click on "Backup" icon



2) Under Full Backup, click "Download a Full Website Backup".

3) On the next page, select the Home Directory option from the Backup Destination drop-down menu.


4) For Email Address, select whether or not you wish to receive an email notification once the backup is complete. (You may also change the notification email address in the provided field if you wish.)


5) Click Generate Backup.



Note: This will generate the back up for you and place the tar.gz file inside of your home directory. You can then download the backup via cPanel or FTP.


6) Under Full Backup, click "Download a Full Website Backup"


7) Under Backups Available for Download, click the link for the backup file you wish to download.




Please contact us by submitting a support ticket at if you have any inquiries about this.

Thank you.

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