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HOW TO: Hosting Housekeeping
Posted by on 10 October 2017 12:08 PM

The following items use up space on your hosting account so these are the things we’ll be looking at:

  1. Website files
  2. E-mail
  3. Backups



Deleting website files is something you should NEVER do otherwise it’ll break your website. You might have noticed that the folder containing your website images is unusually large and that is something you can possibly work on to reduce space. If you have a WordPress website then your website images will be in the public_html/wp-content/uploads directory in various different folders.

Let’s say you’ve never re-sized images before using them on your website, so you take a photo which is 7MB and upload it to your website. If you do this on a regular basis over the period of a couple of years, your hosting size will grow exponentially. You might want to download all of your media files, re-size them, and then upload and overwrite the existing ones to clear space.

Another place you can clear space is log files and temporary files and the location of these depend on what kind of website you’re using e.g. WordPress or Magento.

If you’re not confident doing any of this, kindly refer your Web Developer.



You may also note that the mail directory is taking up a lot of space. If so, use webmail or a desktop email client to delete/archive old messages. 
If you have an email account which regularly uses webmail and is several years old you will find it is taking up a good deal of space. You may configure the account as POP3 account in Email client and performTHIS.



When you create a backup using cpanel the backup file will be placed in your home directory (by default - which is the root folder you see when you connect via ftp) with a name like:
Backup files can be downloaded to your own PC and then deleted from your hosting account to conserve hosting space.


If you still need advice on where to or how to do housekeeping on your Hosting account, you may contact our Support Team HERE

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