What is CloudLinux in cPanel.
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What is Cloud Linux?

CloudLinux is the first commercial Operating system that meets the specific criteria and demands of web hosting providers. CloudLinux providers a stable environment for each shared hosting client by allowing us to set limits for each account individually.  This means that no one user can monopolize resources such as CPU and memory.

Cloud Linux also provides greater security by running all processes under the user in their own container. By doing this it adds additional security to prevent hackers or poorly written scripts that can drain the servers resources.

Using Cloud Linux

Cloud Linux has been integrated in to cPanel allowing our customers to see exactly how much CPU and memory they are using at each our of the day.  There is an icon inside the cPanel called "Resource Usage" which provides details information on how much CPU and memory is being used and also allowing you to visually see if you hit your limits with statistical information and graphs.

in the event that your website receives a large number of visitors or is using too many system resources, Cloud Linux will automatically adjust to try and accommodate the demand. If however you"re exceeding your limits, your site will be slowed down temporarily to prevent any outages for other customers on the server. All other customers sites will continue to work at full speed.

How do I know if my site has been limited by Cloud Linux?

You can log into your cpanel and click on the Resource Usage icon under the Logs section. From there, you will be able to see if your website was limited. You will see an indication such as: "CPU resources were limited for your site" or "Memory resources were limited for your site". Click on [Details]. You will be able to see indepth details on why your site was slowed down. Any values in RED will indicate that you exceeded the limit, which is what caused the slow down.

To avoid being limited by Cloud Linux here are some tips:

Update any scripts you use to the latest versions.  For example if you use WordPress or Joomla make sure they are up to date and the latest release.

Update any plugins or themes you use on your site.

Disable any plugins you no longer use as some plugins tend to use a lot of resources.

Delete any scripts or software on your account that you no longer need or use.

Contact your developer and see if he or she can help optimize your script and code.

Overall Cloud Linux is great technology and gives our clients the confidence of knowing that no other client on the same server can cause issues for them.  Segmenting each user to avoid one client effecting another has been a struggle in the shared hosting environment until now.

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