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EMAIL SETUP: Outlook Express (POP)
Posted by on 17 November 2011 11:39 AM

How to configure Microsoft Outlook Express to connect to mailbox via POP3?

1. Start Outlook Express. Choose Tools > Accounts from the menu on the top.

2. Click Add button and choose Mail.

3. Display Name: Type your mailbox display name <user> and click Next.

4. E-mail address: Type your e-mail address <user>@<domain name> and click Next.

5. Choose My incoming server is a POP3 server from the dropdown box.Fill in mail server information:
          - Incoming mail server:
          - Outgoing mail server:
          - Click Next

6. Fill in login information:
          - Account name: Type your login <user>@<domain name>
          - Password: Type your mailbox password.
          - Click Next, then click Finish.

7. Select mail account named and click Properties button.

8. Switch to the Servers tab.
           - In the Outgoing Mail Server check My server requires authentication.

9. Switch to the Advanced tab.
            - In the Server Port Numbers check both. This server requires a secure connection (SSL).
            - Click OK.

Note: Please use Outgoing SMT port 26 or 587.

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