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Here is a pictorial step by step tutorial to create a VM.

Let's create a new VM. For now we are going to create a VM with windows 2012. It is the same process for other VM OS as well.


Login your Username and Password provided by Shinjiru at
Once you are logged in, we go to VIRTUAL MACHINE on the left Tab, then at the bottom left click on NEW.
Once clicked on NEW. This menu will scroll up from the bottom of the screen. Go to STANDALONE VIRTUAL MACHINE then QUICK CREATE.
Here we will have to fill the ServerName(MAX 12 character and no Space in between), choose the OS template and lastly password for the OS.
As you can see the in the TEMPLATE there are options of OS you want to deploy. Choose one and deploy.
Here, I'm going to choose Windows Server 2012 Standard 64bit TEMPLATE.
Status bar at the bottom of the screen will appear, Creating virtual machine 'PalVSVR01'…
Once all this is filled.
NAME: PalVSvr01.
TEMPLATE: Windows Server 2012 Standard 64bit
PASSWORD: *********
Status bar at the bottom of the screen will appear, Creating virtual machine 'PalVSVR01'…
Then in a while user will see an object(VM) will appear on the dashboard with the STATUS Creating. Wait for the VM to be complete its process.
Once the process is complete, user will see the STATUS of the VM will be on Running.
Click on the VM PalVSvr01 and user will go to this dashboard. Click on DASHBOARD
In the DASHBOARD user will see details of the particular VM.
Now we are going to access this VM through console
Then user needs to click on RDP connection downloaded.
Now User is in the Login page of the VM.  To Access it press Ctrl+Alt+End. Not Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
Key in the password that is needed access this VM. Password that user set during creation of VM.
Now user can see the Server Desktop, as user will notice there is no network for this server.
Next would be creating a Virtual Network and attaching it to this VM while its shutdown.
See Azure Network,1 network 1VM or more tutorial next. HERE!
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