Azure Pack: Upgrade Hardware Spec CPU & RAM
Posted by on 25 July 2018 11:48 AM
Login into your Shinjiru Cloud Portal
Schedule a downtime and Shutdown the effected VM. Can remote in the VM and shutdown or shutdown from the portal itself. I'm going to shutdown from the portal itself. Click on SHUTDOWN
Click on YES to confirm shutdown.
Once the VM is successfully shutdown, Go to CONFIGURE tab 
In VIRTUAL MACHINE SIZE. It’s a Drop box. Choose the predefined Spec you desire. Here user can increase and decrease the Spec. The number  predefined spec depends on type of subscription user is on. Change here will later reflect on the billing of the VM.
Here I choose 1 CPU with 2GB ram from current 1CPU 1GB ram.
Then Click SAVE at the bottom to apply changes
Click on Yes to confirm the changes
Now tick OK then go to Dashboard to start the VM.
In Dashboard, User can just start the VM and the new spec will be reflected in the VM. Also User can see the change in the REDbox. Or on the Green  Slider for the Current VM.
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