Azure Pack: Extend HDD from portal for Windows VM
Posted by on 25 July 2018 05:04 PM
Now I'm experiencing shortage of disk space for VM Palz02NVGRE. We want to increase space on this particular VM.
No need to add extra 1TB and all it will be wastage of allocated resources.
This can result to not able to create new VMs or other resource sensitive functions.
Recommended is to increase by 50GB each time. For windows VM it can be expanded many times.
2 Level of increase for All VM types:
  • 1st level is Increase HDD max size in Portal.
  • 2nd level is Increase HDD in your OS logical Volume.
Go to VIRTUAL MACHINES then to the VM I want to increase Disk Space. Here is Palz02NVGRE. Click on Palz02NVGRE.
Then in  Palz02NVGRE main page, go to DASHBOARD
Now I'm going to SHUTDOWN the VM from the portal. Can even shutdown from inside the VM itself.
Now I'll just press on YES to continue Shutdown.
Once the VM have finished shutdown. Status will change to Stopped. Then Go to CONFIGURE
In CONFIGURE page, we will choose the DISK we want to expand. Here I'm going to expand the primary disk to 10GB.
Now I'll change 25GB to 35GB and press on the Tick
Here is when the progress bar of the process initiated. It will auto hide. To view it click on the 3 green bar below. 
Here is when the Disk expansion is successful. Now we can go back to DASHBOARD.
Here is where we start the VM again.
Click on YES to continue
This VM I'm going to console connect into the VM. Can Remote in if remote is already configured before using your public IP.
Press on the Tick
A RDP connection file will download. Download and open the file.
Connect to the VM.
Now I'm connected to the VM
In windows, go to Disk Management. I right Click the start button and go to Disk Management
In disk Management we can see the Unallocated Space.
Right Click on Cdrive and Extend Volume
Click on Next
Click on Next
Finally Finish
Before it was like this
After, Disk is expanded 10GB. Its all done.
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