How To Change KVM VPS (Automation) Root/Administrator Password in Billing Portal
Posted by Uvaraj N. on 16 November 2018 07:47 PM


Changing root/administrator password will cause your VPS to reboot or to restart. Do allow some time for your VPS to reboot before you log into your VPS.


Changing the root/administrator password for your Automated VPS within the Billing Portal is simple and SECURE!

From your main Billing Portal, click on Services tab and select My Services


Under My Product & Service page, locate your Dynamic VPS Product and click on Active button



In the Root Password field,  click on pencil icon. Despite the name Root, it also applied to Windows administrator user


You will be asked for confirmation


Once click on Yes, the system will proceed change root/administrator's password and your VPS will be rebooted.

Ping your VPS ip address in order to check whether your VPS already up or not.


During this period, do not click elsewhere or interrupt or refresh the page. Else, the progress bar will go away or disappear and the new password will not appear.


If succeed, no error occur, you will be presented a new root/administrator password




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