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My Strongbolt Domain Service Is Suspended
Posted by on 08 January 2019 01:54 PM

Many have been confusing Strongbolt/Bulletproof domains and hosting to be immune of any suspension or downtime. Strongbolt/Bulletproof services assure a high quality performance in protecting your identity, simultaneously, we aim to adhere to proper protocol when any high alert activity is being monitored and observed on domain service.

Strongbolt/Bulletproof option is created to secure your details from the public of the world wide web and protect your information in our vault. Nevertheless, complaints that rise from ICANN/Registry/Legal Authorities are in no way taken lightly and are actioned promptly by our Abuse Department in order to avoid any further complications.

Should you believe that your domain has been suspended due to a complaint of null substance, please submit ticket to contact our Abuse Team to assist you in coordinating the case and releasing your service from Registrar and/or the Upstream Provider.

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