Setup Cloudflare in cPanel Shared Hosting
Posted by Uvaraj N. on 12 May 2020 06:26 PM

Signing up to Cloudflare is simple. We will describe how you can register an account from your hosting control panel


Step 1:  Login to your cPanel Control Panel. You can retrieve cPanel login credentials from your Hosting Activation Email.


Step 2:  After login, look for "Shared IP Address" / "Dedicated IP Address" on the right panel to identify your Assigned Hosting IP 


Step 3: Search and click on Cloudflare plugin from your control panel.


Step 4: Create a Cloudflare account with your email address and password / Sign-In if you have one: 


Step 5:  You will get an interface like below asking to "Add Site". Please type your Domain Name and proceed with Add Site.


Step 6: Choose a plan “ Select the Free plan”  then Confirm Plan.


Step 7:  Add  DNS for your domain in the Cloudflare Portal as per EXAMPLE below:

  •  A
  • www   CNAME
  • cPanel   A
  • Webmail   A
  • FTP   A
  • Mail  A

NOTE: Replace the IP with your Assigned Hosting IP (Step 2)


Step 8: Add MX record for your email:

  •  MX  Priority 0


Step 9: Contact your domain registrar and ask them to change the Nameserver for your domain to Cloudflare NameServer as per example below. The Click on " Done, Check nameserver "  

Once all the above done, you have successfully created an Cloudflare account. Please, hold on for the DNS propagation time 6-12 hours.


 If you require any assistance you contact our support via  or email at

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