HOW TO: Setup Domain with DNS
Posted by Shakir M. on 28 May 2020 12:12 PM

To create free account and add your domain to, Please follow below steps:

1. Create a free account at

 2. Key in all the details required to open an account. Once done an email address will be send to your email to verify and activate your account.

 3. To add domain Click on “Domains“ > Add a domain into freeDNS “ .

 4. Add your domain name > Shared State: Shared Private > Submit.

 5. Login to your domain registrar and point your domain Nameserver to below:





6. Configure your DNS records by Click on Subdomains, Point your domain to your Hosting IP address.


Hold on for the DNS propagation time 6-12 hours. After that your domain should be accessible.

Thank You.

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