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Install and Running Multiple MT Instances
Posted by Muqri F. on 12 November 2020 05:02 PM

This guide will show how to create and run multiple MT instances, refer below steps:


1. Take note the path of your MT installation, then proceed to finish the MT installation,

Default path: C:\Program Files\(Your MT)



2. After installation finish go to the installed folder C:\Program Files\


i - Copy and paste the MetaTrader folder into the same folder C:\Program Files\


ii - By default the name will be like this: MetaTrader - Copy, you may rename it to MetaTrader - 1 or any name that can be easily distinguished between MT,


iii - You may repeat the step i - ii, to create as many instance MT you want,


3. Creating Multiple MT shortcut at the Desktop

i - Go inside the of the MetaTrader - 1 folder, Right-Click Drag-and-Drop the terminal64.exe to your VPS Desktop, Select 'Create shortcuts here'



ii - Once the shortcut created, rename it same as your MT folder name example: MetaTrader - 1,

iii - Repeat same step i - ii to create other MT shortcut,


4. After all step done, you can test to run the MTs shortcuts.



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