Accessing OpenVZ/Virtuozzo VPS via serial console (under SolusVM management only)
Posted by Aidil A. on 19 November 2020 07:25 PM

There may be a time your VPS unreacheable, probably datacenter having network problem or probably your server's networking failed to start or ip address clashed.

In-case of your VPS unreacheable, hence accessing via SSH nor via control panel (WHM, Plesk, Vesta, CWP or Webmin and some other more) will not available to you.

You may use this alternative access via serial console in order to check and verify your VPS status whether still up running despite its ip address unpingable.


1. Access to your VPS Automation Client Area



2. Within your VPS information, scroll down and click on HTML 5 Serial Console.

HTML 5 Serial Console will allow you to access your VPS remotely via your browser's using HTML5 coding. If you have enabled or installed pop-up blocker, you will need to allow the pop-up from the said link.



It is important to note that accessing your VPS via serial console is just for emergency case only. Emergency case such as mentioned at the beginning of this write-up.

For general task or day to day work, you should be using SSH client instead such as popular SSH client Putty.


3.  A shell terminal from your browser will pop-up and directly logged into your VPS.



You may run usual Linux commands as when you used with Putty.



4. To exit, simply enter exit command and close the browser box.















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