HOW TO: Disconnect Properly from Forex VPS
Posted by Muqri F. on 04 January 2021 02:47 PM

How to Disconnect properly from your Forex VPS.


  • DO NOT USE "Sign Out", this will terminate all running program and close your VPS session
  • If you want your MT run overnight in the background, you need to ensure that you properly disconnect from your VPS.
  • After you disconnect, you can resume the disconnected session by re-login again


1. Login to your VPS via RDP, insert your VPS login details


2. Run any program and MT that you want and finish up all your setting,


3. Once the MT trade is online, you can disconnect from your VPS, 

Refer screenshot below for Windows 10: "Start" -> "Power" -> "Disconnect"


Refer screenshot below for Windows Server 2012 R2: "Right-Click Start" -> "Shutdown or sign out" -> "Disconnect"



4. The remote desktop terminal will close


5. To resume the disconnected session you can re-login as per usual, same as step 1.


6. Finish.

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