Domain Expired Under Redemption Period
Posted by Shakir M. on 14 January 2021 10:34 AM

Expired domain name as per industry standard of all Registrar is as per below. All Registrars have to comply to the rule.

Domain name life cycle from the date of its expiry for genericTLDs (gTLDs) below.


(A) 0 - 36th day (36 days): Renewal Grace Period. You can renew the domain at costs of your registration service provider.

(B) 36th - 42nd day (6 days): Queued for Deletion. The domain will not be present in your registration service provider's Control Panel since it is being deleted from the system and will be moved to the Registry.

(C) 42nd - 72nd day (30 days): Redemption grace Period / Pending Delete Restorable. This domain is no longer in the zone file and you will have to 'Restore' the domain from the Registry by paying a higher restoration fee of USD100.00.

(D) 72nd - 77th day (5 days): Pending Delete. The domain name cannot be 'renewed' or 'restored' and is awaiting deletion from the registry.


After the Pending Delete stage, it will be made available for general registration depending upon the registry.


If you require any further assistance on this matter you can contact our 247 Support . 

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