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Domain Transfer to Shinjiru [.UK Domain]
Posted by Adam L. on 02 April 2021 11:15 AM
  1. Before proceeding with the Transfer of your .UK domain name, you are advised to confirm if your domain name can be transferred.
  1. The process of transferring a .UK domain name from another Registrar is different as compared to the process for domain names under other extensions. In case of a .UK domain name, the inbound Transfer needs to be initiated at the Current Registrar's end.
  1. Please note that .UK domains do not use authorization codes or registrar locks.

Steps to Transfer .UK Domain to Shinjiru

  1. Contact us so that we can proceed submit transfer request to Registrar System first
  1. We will provide you with our IPS Tag, which you need to change at the current registrar (you may do it either in your account with them or by contacting their support).

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