HOW TO: Update Domain NameServers [.MY Domain]
Posted by Valarie S. on 02 April 2021 04:09 PM

Applicable only if you are assigned as Technical Contact for your domain name.

1. Login to Mynic Selfcare System (

2. Go to My Account >> Security to register mobile number to receive TAC from Mynic. Then, click on Add 2FA Mobile No. button. You may skip this step if you have already registered mobile number in the system.

3. To modify the domain name details, go to Domain tab and click MANAGE button.

4. Scroll down and click on EDIT button.

5. To update domain nameserver, make sure you login as Technical Contact. If yes, click on Nameserver tab.

6. Click on pencil icon to update DNS.

7. Double check latest domain info via Whois ( Please wait up to 24 hours for the DNS to fully propagate.


Alternative Solution:

Please assign Shinjiru as the Technical Contact so that our Support Team can assist update domain NS on your behalf. After done, submit ticket to contact our Support Team to assist you accordingly.

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