Imunify360 - Ignore List (User Level)
Posted by Saiful M. on 17 May 2021 08:08 PM
Imunify360 Ignore List
Select Imunify360 from your CPanel dashboard
Ignore List tab contains the list of files that are excluded from Malware Scanner scanning. Go to Imunify360 → Ignore List tab. Here, there is a table with a list of files.
Ignore list
The table has the following columns:
  • Added — the date when the file was added to Ignore List.
  • Path — path to the file starting from the root.
  • Actions:
    • Remove from Ignore List — click Bin icon to remove the file from the Ignore List and start scanning.
    • Add new file or directory — click Plus icon to add a new file or directory to Ignore List. To perform a bulk action, tick required files and click the corresponding button above the table.
The following filters are available:
  • Timeframe — displays the results filtered by chosen period or date.
  • Items per page displayed — click the number at the table bottom.
The table can be sorted by Added and Path. By default, it is sorted from newest to oldest.
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