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Posted by Valarie S. on 22 June 2021 08:38 PM

Site Seals are highly identifiable visual indicators that come with SSL Certificates to advertise the fact that a website is encrypted. Installing a site seal along with your SSL Certificate is a very straightforward process.

There are many different types of site seal, and two categories. Depending on the type of certificate you get, you may get a Static Site Seal, or you may get a Dynamic one.

a. Static Site Seals
Cannot be clicked on. They are, essentially, just image files that can be put on a website to indicate to visitors that the site has security. Many people don't realize that they can click on Site Seals in the first place, but with a static site seal you are missing an opportunity to display important details about your SSL certificate.

b. Dynamic Site Seals
Can be clicked on to display important security details and offer a greater level of assurance to website visitors. It's all about trust in e-commerce and these Site Seals imbue the most trust. Dynamic Site Seals are typically associated with high-end offerings, like OV and EV certificates.

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