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Slow Connection. What do I do?
Posted by on 09 December 2011 05:56 PM

If you are facing slow connection on your server or website. Please provide our support engineer with following info:

1.  Ping result (Go to Command prompt --> type "ping <SERVER IP / DOMAIN NAME>" -t).
              i.  Stop a few minutes.
              ii. Capture the screenshot and send to our support engineer as attachment.

2.  Your end IP address (Go to site -

3.  Traceroute Result (Download the Ping Plotter - and send us the screenshot of the result after running the test for a few minutes.

With this information, our engineers will able to detect the root cause.
Problem still persists - Slow Connection.
If you still facing the slow connection after 3-7 days, you may request a migration to another Data Center. You can perform a speedtest using the following link:
[ ]

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MYS - Malaysia
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MYA - Malaysia
MYC - Malaysia

*EUR - Russia
*EUL - Luxembourg
*EUH - Holland

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