HOW TO: Install WordPress using Softaculous in cPanel
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In cPanel, there's a feature called Softaculous.

You can install software such as WordPress on cPanel as long as your WHM administrator has enabled it for you.


How to use softaculous?


Step 1 :


Log in to cPanel, scroll down to the Software section and click the Softaculous Apps Installer



Step 2 :

Click the link for the software you want to install, in this example WordPress has been selected.



Step 3 :

Fill out the WordPress installation details as follows:


  • Installation version: Select the version you want to install (5.6).
  • Installation URL: Select the installation URL, you can also enter a subfolder into the box
  • Blog name: Enter a name for your
  • Blog description: Enter a description for your
  • Admin Username: Enter a
  • Admin Password: Enter a
  • Admin Email: Enter an email



Once finished, click the Install button.




You can follow the same steps to install other software too.

Note : Step 3 could be different for other software.



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