HOW TO: Manage DNS Records in cPanel
Posted by on 26 October 2021 11:20 AM

Zone Editor in cPanel 


The Zone Editor feature allows you to create, edit, and delete Domain Name System (DNS) zone records.

DNS relies on zone records that exist on your server to map domain names to IP addresses.


How to add a DNS record?


Step 1 : 

Scroll down to the Domains section and click on the Zone Editor icon.


Step 2 :

Click Manage next to the domain name you want to add a new DNS record for.


Step 3:

Click Add Record.



Step 4:

Fill out the fields provided:

  • Name: Enter the new record that you want to
  • TTL: Enter the number in seconds that you want this record to be held in cache.
  • Type: Select the type of record that you are
  • Address: Enter the IP address that you want your record to point


Once complete click the Add Record button, a notification will appear to confirm that the record has been added.



How to edit the existing DNS record?


Step 1 : 

Scroll down to the Domains section and click on the Zone Editor icon.


Step 2 :

Click Manage next to the domain name you want to edit.


Step 3 : 

Click Edit on the record you want to edit.

Steps 4 :

Enter the changes you want to make in the fields provided and click Save Record



How to delete the DNS record?

Follow step 1 & 2 and click "Delete"



Note :

If the zone editor is not available in your cPanel, you can send ticket to and our support will enable it on the server side.



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