ICANN Domain Locked and Unlock
Posted by Uvaraj N. on 27 February 2019 01:43 AM
ICANN Domain Locked and Unlock
Please take note that your domain status is set to be REGISTRY LOCKED by default. This is a security feature to protect and prevent domains from being hijacked.
There are various group of professional domain hijackers that transferred out UNLOCKED domains. Once the domain is hijacked, it will be sold at a higher price back to the owner or to the highest bidder.
In a LOCKED mode, domains cannot be transferred out without additional identity verification. In a LOCKED mode, the domain's ownership details cannot be updated by the domain owner. Customer will need to provide us with the new detail and only Shinjiru can update the detail.
If customer wants the domain to be unlocked, customer needs to contact us via Telegram/Ticket so we can unlock the domain name for customer.
This only affects transfers, so it is best to leave a domain name locked unless you are about to transfer it to another registrar. 
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