HOW TO: Enable EAS (ActiveSync) service in Smartermail
Posted by Aiman R. on 02 March 2022 04:03 PM

What is EAS (ActiveSync) service?

EAS - Another Microsoft protocol that is the industry-standard synchronization method for mobile email clients such as iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and Note phones as well as iOS and Android tablets. EAS is also available for use with Windows Mail, People and Calendar and the Outlook client for iPad.


How to turn on enable EAS (ActiveSync) service using postmaster account.

1. Login as a primary administrator or postmaster account.

2. Navigate to domain setting.


3. On the left tab, navigate to Accounts 


4. Right click on the username to enable or disable EAS (ActiveSync)


5. Another way to enable EAS (ActiveSync), navigate to user defaults tab. At the service access section, primary administrator or postmaster can enable or disable EAS (ActiveSync).




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