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HOW TO: Mailbox Migration to Smartermail
Posted by Uvaraj N. on 22 April 2022 10:54 AM

Migrate your emails from any platform to latest Windows Plesk Hosting (Smartermail) using SmarterMail Migration Tools over IMAP. Using IMAP you will be able to migrate all emails in your Inbox and Sent Items.



1. Better to perform the migration after change the MX and DNS to Dynamail. As best practices. The reason behind this is you make sure no new emails landed to the old server.

2. Take note of the old mail server IP address.  



1. Email address and password for your current emails address in which you use to access your old email.

2. IMAP enable on the sources mail server “your old email server “.

3. You mail server IP Address in which you can option from your current provider.


Once you have all the above you can proceed with the migration as per below steps:


1.  Login to your Plesk Control Panel and Create all the email accounts ( https://<ipaddress>:8443 )

 Login in Plesk control panel >> Email accounts:-



2.  Next, please log in to your webmail via this link with mailbox username and password you created in Plesk earlier.

http://<ipaddress>:8080 )


3.  Go to Settings, then look for Connectivity. Then Migration. As per the screenshot:


4. You will see a Mailbox Migration mail server Option that you can migrate email from. Choose Others. As per the screenshot:


5. Key in the following information:

a) IP address “Your old email server IP address”.

b) Type of Protocol “Choose IMAP “.

c) Port “143”.

d) Username “your email address to access the old server”.

e) Password “Your email password to access the old server”.

f) The SSL leave disabled.

g) The option delete existing emails leave disabled.

h) Click on Start. As per the screenshot:



The migration will start the email messages importing. During the migration you can use your email as usual the migration will be running in the backend you will see all your emails messages in your inbox once the migration is ended.

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