Acronis Backup Plan Configuration
Posted by Muqri F. on 17 May 2022 04:29 PM

Acronis Backup Plan Configuration.


A protection plan with the Backup module enabled is a set of rules that specify how the given data will be protected on a given machine.

A protection plan can be applied to multiple machines at the time of its creation, or later.


To create the first protection plan with the Backup module enabled

  1. Select the machines that you want to back up.
  2. Click Protect.
  3. Protection plans that are applied to the machine are shown. If the machine does not have any plans already assigned to it, then you will see the default protection plan that can be applied. You can adjust the settings as needed and apply this plan or create a new one.
  4. To create a new plan, click Create plan. Enable the Backup module and unroll the settings
  6. [Optional] To modify the protection plan name, click the default name.
  7. [Optional] To modify the Backup module parameters, click the corresponding setting of the protection plan panel.
  8. [Optional] To modify the backup options, click Change next to Backup options.
  9. Click Create.


Selecting data to back up

  1. Selecting entire machine - A backup of an entire machine is a backup of all its non-removable disks
  2. Selecting disks/volumes - A disk-level backup contains a copy of a disk or a volume in a packaged form. You can recover individual disks, volumes, or files from a disk-level backup.
  3. Selecting files/folders - File-level backup is available for physical machines and virtual machines backed up by an agent installed in the guest system. Files and folders located on disks connected via the iSCSI protocol to a physical machine can also be backed up though there are limitation if you use Agent for VMware or Agent for Hyper-V for backing up data on the iSCSI-connected disks.

Retention Rules

  1. Click How long to keep.
  2. In Cleanup, choose one of the following:

    • By backup age (default)

      Specify how long to keep backups created by the protection plan. By default, the retention rules are specified for each backup set separately. If you want to use a single rule for all backups, click Switch to single rule for all backup sets.

    • By number of backups

      Specify the maximum number of backups to keep.

    • By total size of backups

      Specify the maximum total size of backups to keep.

      This setting is not available with the Always incremental (single-file) backup scheme or when backing up to the cloud storage.

    • Keep backups indefinitely
  3. Select when to start the cleanup:

    • After backup (default)

      The retention rules will be applied after a new backup is created.

    • Before backup

      The retention rules will be applied before a new backup is created.

      This setting is not available when backing up Microsoft SQL Server clusters or Microsoft Exchange Server clusters.


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