HOW TO: Report Email as Not Spam in Mailsentinel
Posted by Uvaraj N. on 29 June 2022 12:03 PM

Wondering how to report Not Spam in Mailsentinel?

At times Mailsentinel marks legit emails as Spam. However, we have an option in Mailsentinel to report them as ‘not spam’.


How To Report Not-Spam in Mailsentinel

We will see the steps that our Support Engineers follow to mark legit emails as Not-Spam in SpamExpert.

1. First, enter Mailsentinel dashboard at 

2. Then go to Incoming in the dashboard.

3. From there select ‘Report not Spam‘

4. Since it has a ‘drag and drop‘ style feature, we can report the not-Spam email to the system by grabbing/ dragging and dropping the email into the ‘Report not Spam’ area.

Next, we will see how to check incoming mail logs in Mailsentinel.


Steps to Check Incoming Mail Logs in Mailsentinel

Following are the steps to check incoming mail logs:

1.  First, enter the Mailsentinel dashboard at 

2. Then click on the ‘Log Search’ icon under ‘Incoming’ sessions.

3. We can either add the ‘Sender’ email or ‘Recipient’ email under the search column.

4. After providing the email-id we can click on Start Search.

Next, we will see how to release false positive incoming mail from the Mailsentinel quarantine system.


How to Release False Positive Quarantine Email In Mailsentinel

1. First, enter the Mailsentinel dashboard at 

2. Then go to recent quarantine incoming mail.

3. From here we can find the false-positive quarantine email.

4. Now click on the drop-down selection of the email available.

5. Here we can select the ‘Release’ option and it will deliver by the system to the intended recipient in a second.


If you face any difficulties on the setup, please feel free to contact our support team by submitting a ticket on or emailing out support team at

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