HOW TO: Create Email Account in Smartermail
Posted by Aiman R. on 17 August 2022 02:39 PM
1. Login to your webmail interface as postmaster account that provided by us using hostname assigned. For example :
Note : Only postmaster account or domain administrator have the access and privilege to create email account.
2. After login to webmail, find Domain Settings on the top panel.
Dynamail Interface
3. Then, select the Account section on the left panel and click on New
4. A new user message box will prompt out. Please insert new user credentials. 
Note : Password have to follow the requirement set for safety purpose
          Contain one UPPERCASE letter
          Contain one lowercase letter
          Contain any number 0 through 9
          Contain any special character such as #, @, &, etc.
          Is at least 8 characters long
Note : Can tick at the checkbox to enable force password login at next login.
5. After new user created, it will redirect to new user account configuration page. Email account is successfully created. 
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