HOW TO: Reset Email Account Password in Smartermail
Posted by Aiman R. on 18 August 2022 10:20 AM
1. Login to your webmail interface as postmaster account that provided by us using hostname assigned. For example:
Note: Only postmaster account or domain administrator have the access and privilege to create email account.
2. After login to webmail, find Domain Settings on the top panel.
3. Then, select the Account section on the left panel and select the user from the account list.
4. After redirected to user account, click on button and Change Password.
5. Change the password and don’t forget so save.
Note : Password have to follow the requirement set for safety purpose
           Contain one UPPERCASE letter
           Contain one lowercase letter
           Contain any number 0 through 9
           Contain any special character such as #, @, &, etc.
           Is at least 8 characters long
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