HOW TO: Create Content Filtering Rules in Smartermail
Posted by Aiman R. on 18 August 2022 02:11 PM

Content Filtering is used to perform specific actions for all users on the domain. For example, user can use content filters to delete message with certain attachments such as (.exe) extension, forward messages from a specific email address to another account, or even alter the subject of specific types of email. Content filters are most commonly used to organize email by moving messages to specific folders.  


This knowledge base will show you how to create content filtering rules to delete emails which is sent from a specific email address.


1. Login to your webmail interface as postmaster account that provided by us using hostname assigned. For example:

Note: If you want to applies the content filtering setting to all user accounts, please use postmaster account or domain administrator account to create the rules.


2. After login to webmail, find Domain Settings on the top panel.


3. Then, select the Content Filtering section on the left panel and click New



4. Content Filtering have 3 divided sections that user need to fill which is General, Conditions and Actions. We will go through each sections configurations. 

Filtering Name : Deleting Email

Conditions : From specific email matches 

Actions : Move to SPAM Folder created.









User can try explore with the conditions to meet the criteria that user want for their domains. There are a few conditions and actions that can explore. 

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