HOW TO: Manage JetBackup5 in cPanel
Posted by on 24 August 2022 08:22 PM

JetBackup5 is upgraded version of JetBackup4. JetBackup is a very simple and straightforward solution that is used to retain copies of your site’s data.


You can access to your JetBackup5 from your cPanel Homepage.

Or you can search "Jetbackup5" in search bar to access the JetBackup 5.


JetBackup5 features in cPanel :-

  1. Home Directory Backup
  2. Databases Backup
  3. Database Users Backup
  4. DNS Zones Backup
  5. Certificates Backup
  6. Email Accounts Backup
  7. FTP Accounts Backup


Home Directory Backup:-

In Home Directory Backup, you can select file/folder that you wish to restore. You must select the creation date backup and click Change Files Selection.

After select files, click on Restore to start restore.

- If you want download the file backup, click Download to start download.

From Change Files Selection, here you can choose which file to be restore. Tick on which file -> Select Files

Databases Backup:-

To restore Database in JetBackup5. Click on Database -> Select Database -> Choose Date -> Restore


Database Users Backup:-

To restore Database User in JetBackup5. Click on Database User -> Select Database User -> Choose Date -> Restore


DNS Zones Backup:-

To restore DNS Zone in JetBackup5. Click on DNS Zones -> Select DNS -> Choose Date -> Restore


Certificates Backup:-

To restore Certificate in JetBackup5. Click on Certificate -> Select Certificate -> Choose Date -> Restore


Email Accounts Backup:-

To restore Email in JetBackup5. Click on Email -> Select Email Account -> Choose Date -> Restore


FTP Accounts Backup:-

This section in Jetbackup5 allow user to restore FTP accounts.


View Download History Backup:-

This section allow user to view all Backup Downloads history in Jetbackup5.


Download and Restore Queue:-

This section allow user to view restoration/download process in Jetbackup5.


My Account:-

This section allow user to set Email notification when restoration/download completed in Jetbackup5.


If you face any difficulties on the setup, please feel free to contact our support team by submitting a ticket on or emailing out support team at

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