HOW TO: Request Smartermail Upgrade
Posted by Uvaraj N. on 30 August 2022 08:59 AM

To upgrade / renew your smartermail to latest version, you will need to purchase 'Installation Assistance' from Smartermail Support.


Please follow the steps below to purchase the 'Installation Assistance' :

  1. Login to existing credentials assigned to the license. This login information were shared with you during the first smartermail license activation. In case you forgotten the password, please kindly click on Forgot Password to reset.


2. Once login, Click on the cart icon.


3. Click on emergency and support assistance


4. Purchase Installation Assistance. Smarter mail support will contact you after your checkout to schedule an installation / upgrade.



5. Kindly wait for a response from Smartermail Support. The Business hours as following:

Business Hours (GMT -7)

Monday 7-11am, 11:30-5:00pm
Tuesday 7-11am, 11:30-5:00pm
Wednesday 7-11am, 11:30-5:00pm
Thursday 7-11am, 11:30-5:00pm
Saturday CLOSED


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