Install and Configure SoftEther VPN Client
Posted by Aidil A. on 13 September 2022 11:25 AM

Download VPN client

Download SoftEther VPN Client either from direct link or from SoftEther official website:

If download from official website, do select correct component, platform and CPU type,


Install SoftEther VPN Client

Once download has completed, proceed to install the VPN client,


Select SoftEther VPN Client component and click Next,


Ensure to tick I agree to the End User License Agreement and click Next,


Tick Start the SoftEther VPN Client Manager and click Finish,


Configure SoftEther VPN Client Manager

SoftEther VPN Client Manager will launch, click Add VPN Connection,


If you are doing this for the first time a message box will appear asking if you want to create a Virtual Network Adapter, click Yes,


Leave the Default name VPN for Virtual Network Adapter Name and click OK,


 Once Virtual Network Adapter installation completed, you will notice a new network adapter, VPN Client Adapter - VPN in Network Connections tool box.

  1.  Press Win + R to open the Run command dialog box.
  2. Type ncpa.cpl and press Enter to open the Network Connections tool.




Click Add VPN connection again to begin setup your new VPN connection profile,

Some of the options are already enabled or disabled by default. Leave as it is for now. You may return back here if want to disable or enable certain features.

Setting which you need to set:

  • Setting Name: enter some name for you to easily recognize
  • Host Name: VPN server ip address
  • Port Number: 443 (default, remain as it is)
  • Virtual Hub Name: once entered VPN server's IP, a list of Virtual Hub will appear from drop-down list menu. Select name which contain vpn<number>.
  • Auth Type: select RADIUS or NT Domain Authentication from drop-down list
  • User Name: your VPN username
  • Password: VPN password


Click Advanced Settings...

Most of the options are enable or disable by default. For now, leave it as default. You may return back here to enable or disable certain features to improve your VPN connection.

  • Set the Number of TCP Connections to 10.
  • If your VPN connection being used with IP phone/SIP phone, ensure to untick Disable VoIP / QoS Functions,
  • If your VPN connection being used more to browse internet, emails, download some files, tick Disable VoIP / QoS Functions,

Click OK twice to close New Connection Setting Properties box.


Your new VPN connection profile will appear in SoftEther VPN Client Manager.

To connect, simply double-click on it or right-click and select Connect,


SoftEther VPN Client Manager will show you some status during connecting process.

You may view your VPN connection status by right-click and select View Status,


If you have enabled or disabled certain features in VPN profile properties, it will appear in this session status.

For example, if you untick Disable VoIP / QoS Functions (meaning its enabled VoIP functions), you will notice VoIP / QoS Function is enabled for your VPN session.


Once no longer needed VPN connection, right-click again on your VPN profile and select Disconnect.



If you face any difficulties on the setup, please feel free to contact our support team by submitting a ticket on or emailing out support team at



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