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HOW TO: Check server IP
Posted by on 09 December 2011 06:20 PM

How to check server IP?

There are 3 methods of checking your server IP:

1st Method
1) Go to "Start" on your local windows;
2) Click on "Run";
3) Type "ping <your-domain-name> -t and press enter "okay"
e.g:ping -t
4) The IP shown from the reply from is your server IP.

2nd Method
1) Log into cPanel;
2) IP is listed on the right pane under the IP address column.

3rd Method
1) Log into Helm;
2) Click on "Domains" menu;
3) Click on "<your-domain-name>";
4) Click on "Web Settings";
5) The IP is listed beside web server.

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