How to create E-mail domain and mailboxes in ISPConfig
Posted by Rahman A. on 03 October 2022 10:42 AM
The purpose of this guide is to show the steps after having installed the initial server to set up a working mail system for your own domain name.
To use this Tutorial successfully for a properly working e-mail server you need:
  • A host where you installed ISPConfig.
  • The host must have Internet connection with port 25 open.
  • The host has a fixed IP-address.
  • The host must have A record for its IP-address (or AAAA if using IPv6).
  • Must create MX record to DNS name service for the host.
  • Must get host reverse DNS name service PTR record that match with server hostname (FQDN).
Create E-mail domain and mailboxes
Login to ISPConfig panel as admin and do the following:
  • Add new client.
  • Add new Domain (Email Domain), and fill in the form.
  • Add new Mailbox.

Create the DKIM keys and record by clicking the order numbered in the image below:


Log in to Roundcube Webmail with the above-created mailbox. ISPConfig sends a Welcome message to every created mailbox, so there should be one message there already. You may use the below url;
Howtoforge has ISPConfig Forums, ask for any further advice there.
Setting up autoconfig (automatic configuration for your email clients):
Hope the above guide will help to create E-mail domain and mailboxes in ISPConfig.
If you face any difficulties on the setup, please feel free to contact our support team by submitting a ticket on or emailing out support team at
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