Dynamail : Add Calendar into iPhone (ios)
Posted by Aiman R. on 09 June 2023 01:03 PM
How to add Calendar into iPhone (ios)
1. Firstly, click on the calendar
2. After clicking the calendar it will pop up the calendar details. Can copy the CalDAV Link to another place. We will need to paste this link later on our iphone.
3. On Iphone, navigate to settings > calendar >accounts
4. Click on Add Account and select others
5. Next, click on Add CalDAV Account
6. Insert all the information.
Server : Paste the CalDAV link from step 2 above
Username : mailbox username login
Password : mailbox password login
Description : Optional. Can be remark at ios calendar
7. Click Done. Now the webmail calendar is shared and synchronized  to the Iphone calendar.
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