Setting up IKEv2 VPN client on Linux with GNOME desktop
Posted by Aidil A. on 27 June 2023 12:35 PM


IKEv2 is supported in Linux via StrongSwan package, what are available for most Linux versions. It is enough to install appropriate plugin for NetworkManager.


Install Strongswan applications

Press Apps button;


In search window type terminal and launch terminal app.


In command prompt type sudo apt-get update, if required - enter your Ubuntu password;

$ sudo apt-get update


To install additional components type sudo apt-get install -y strongswan network-manager-strongswan libcharon-extra-plugins

$ sudo apt-get install -y strongswan network-manager-strongswan libcharon-extra-plugins


Setting up IKEv2 VPN connection

Go to Settings -> Network and click the "+" icon in VPN section;


Select the type of connection - IPsec/IKEv2 (strongswan);



Within Identity tab, fill and select following options:

  •     Name - any desired name for connection, for example MyVPN
  •     Address - address of VPN-server to connect for;
  •     Authentication - EAP
  •     Username - your VPN username
  •     Password - your VPN password

In Options section check both items:

  • Request an inner IP address;
  • Enforce UDP encapsulation;

In Cipher proposals, check

  • Enable custom proposals;

and in IKE prompt type aes256-sha256-modp1024.


Cipher proposals option may not available in Ubuntu-20.04.



Set all options to automatic:

  • IPv4 Method = Automatic (DHCP)
  • DNS = Automatic
  • Routes = Automatic
  • Use this connection only for resources on its network = untick



Disable IPv6 address.

Finally, click Add.



To establish the connection click on the NetworkManager Icon in the notification bar and choose Connect in VPN section.


Verify VPN connection

Once connected to VPN, you will notice additional icon will appear in the notification bar, either a lock icon or a VPN icon.

Launch a browser and key in What is my ip

The result should be showing your VPN IP address.

If you are getting other IP address or no connection at all, check again your configuration.



To disconnect click Turn Off.


Adding additional VPN connection

Simply repeat steps from Setting up IKEv2 VPN connection section.



If you face any difficulties on the setup, please feel free to contact our support team by submitting a ticket on or emailing out support team at

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