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PI-KVM : How to access the PI-KVM
Posted by George T. on 28 June 2023 01:18 PM

When you ordered PI-KVM for your Core i Dedicated Server, you are able to manage your Dedicated Server through server console. To do this, follow these steps:


1. Find your PI-KVM portal

To access the PI-KVM portal doesn't required any plug-in or any third party software like Java installed on your PC. It just need to use a browser and key-in the login details which provided by us in activation form then you can enter the PI-KVM portal.

Note : The recommended browser is Google Chrome (), Mozilla Firefox () or Microsoft Edge (). 


2. Login the PI-KVM


3. Click KVM button to proceed


4. Enter PI-KVM control panel.

Now you able to remote control your server via KVM console.



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